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How You Can Help PAWS Your support has enabled PAWS to find loving homes for 13,000 cats and dogs and to provide medical care, low-cost spays and adoption services to 15,000 others.

How You Can Help

Spring 2015 PAWS Newsletter
Wish List
Donate a Kuranda Dog Bed
Donate a Tru Catch Feral Cat Trap
North American Power
Sign Up with Doggie Doo Not!
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Donate On-Line
Healthy Paws-Every Quote Gives Hope
Zak's Wax - Car Detailing Service
Donate Cars & Other Vehicles
On-Line Shopping Helps PAWS Pets
Fresh Step and Purina Redemption Programs
Donate Old Cell Phones
Donate Old Ink Jet Cartridges, full sized laser printer cartridges, Laptops/Notebooks, Digital Cameras and iPods
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Spring 2015 Newsletter

Our current edition of PAWS Press newsletter is now available on-line.

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Meal time at PAWS is something like the army - LARGE amounts of food passed out to hungry troops! As you can imagine, our food bill is one of our biggest expenses of our daily operating budget. You can help stretch our budget by donating food to feed all our homeless pets and other items from our wish list. Every item that is donated is one less item we need to purchase!

Of course, there are plenty of other things we also need at the shelter on an ongoing basis. Items in BOLD are things we are ALWAYS in need of. Wish List items include:
"Prescription" foods by Science Diet - both canned & dry for cats & dogs (We especially need ID, RD, WD, AD and both type of CD) Opened bags of dry food are OK as long as they are fresh.
KMR Kitten formula - powdered or canned
Fancy Feast canned cat food
Friskies canned cat food (turkey & giblet)
Any brand dry cat food
Pedigree canned dog food
Science Diet Dry dog, puppy, kitten and cat food. "Prescription" foods by Science Diet (Both canned & dry for cats & dogs (We especially need ID, RD, WD, AD and both type of CD)
NOTE: We ask for specific kinds as we find the the more consistent we are in feeding one type of food, the better the overall health & nutrition of our pets. Too many diet changes can cause stomach problems!
Opened bags of dry food are OK as long as they are fresh.)
Rice ceral for human babies
Uncooked chicken breast (for pets with stomach problems)
Hot dogs
Human baby food - Stage 1: chicken or turkey (please - no onions or garlic)
PetSmart, Wal-Mart, or Stop & Shop gift cards
"Have-A-Heart" Feral Cat Traps - available at home/building supply stores
Leftover but not expired pet medications
Peroxide and Isopropyl alcohol (otherwise known as rubbing alcohol)
Disposable gloves (Not dishwashing gloves)
Guaze squares and Cotton balls
Purell Gel (hand santizer)
Paper bowl and paper plates (large or small)
Kuranda dog beds
Heating pads - new
Feliway Spray, Plug-Ins, and Plug-In Refills (available at pet supply stores)
Rescue Remedy (available at pet supply stores)
Carpeted cat condos in good condition
Upright cat scratching posts in good condition - ones with sisal/rope are especially needed
Cardboard scratching posts
Clay Cat litter
Dog & Cat toys
Kong Dog Toys - size large (black)
Polyester stuffing & fabric remnants (especially animal prints, fleece or terry cloth) to make toys for our pets
Dog Leashes
"Sens-ible" brand dog harnesses - all sizes
"Good Dog" brand dog collars - size small
60 gallon garbage bags & tall kitchen garbage bags
Laundry Detergent - Liquid
Clorox brand bleach
Dryer sheets
Paper towels - roll or C-Fold
Liquid hand soap
Dish Soap
Ziplock sandwich and freezer bags
Dishwasher soap
Staples gift cards
Surge protectors for computers & other electrical items
White copier paper - 8-1/2 x 11
Manilla folders - letter size
Ballpoint pens - black, blue or red
Black Sharpie markers - jumbo point, regular point & fine point
Yellow highlighters
Dry Erase markers - regular point & fine point
Dry Erase boards - any size
Hanging file folders - letter and legal size
White Out
Colored round/dot labels - red, green & yellow
Scotch tape
Paper clips
Small & medium binder clips
Hand-held calculators
Post it notes

We know some of these items aren't very glamorous, but every item we get donated, is that much more money we have to spend on our great pets to get them the care they so desperately need!

If you'd like to donate food (or any other items), we are open from 12 noon to 4:00 pm Monday through Saturday. If you'd like to come during other hours, please call ahead at (203) 750-9572 or send us a message so we can make other arrangements.

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Donate a Kuranda Pet Bed

Donate a

BED DONATION PROGRAM: Our dogs love to sleep on Kuranda Dog beds and our cats enjoy their towers! These high quality, durable beds and towers are built to withstand the punishment that pets often subject them to. Unfortunately, we don't have enough for everyone. Please check out our Kuranda bed & tower wish list where you can purchase one at a special discounted price and Kuranda will ship it directly to us!

KURANDA CASH DONATIONS: You can also purchase Kuranda Beds for your own pets & if you click on the graphic below, when you purchase a bed, Kuranda will make a donation equal to 10% of your purchase to PAWS! Kuranda Dog Beds - Rethinking dog beds
Kuranda Dog Beds

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Donate a Tru Catch Feral Cat Trap

Part of PAWS' mission is to reduce the number of homeless/feral cats in our communities. Feral/wild cats are just that - wild. They cannot be rehabilitated to live indoors and left to their own devices, they reproduce endlessly which dooms more kittens to the same fate & the population explodes. PAWS believes in TNR - Trap-Neuter-Release where we humanely trap, alter & then release the feral cats back to their home. This helps to end the cycle of endless breeding. You can help us in our efforts by donating a trap from our wish list to our TNR program. Tru Catch will even ship it directly to PAWS!

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North American Power

It has never been easier to help raise funds for PAWS! Switch your energy provider to North American Power and you'll receive competitive energy rates, and have clean energy option y making a better energy choice, but best of all, every time you pay your bill, PAWS will benefit.

It's a win-win for everyone - you get lower energy rates, PAWS receives donations and it doesn't cost you a dime!

Thanks to energy choice programs across the country you can now choose who supplies your energy and where it comes from. By choosing North American Power you will get great competitive rates that can save you money and you can also select renewable energy options.

How the donations work:

  • Sign up bonus: For every customer who signs up with North American Power, we receive a bonus.
  • Ongoing donations: Every month you pay your bill in full, PAWS receives an additional donation of $1 per customer.

    Between sign up bonuses and monthly donations, this has the power to really add up but we need YOUR help!

    Click here

    to make the switch!

    You have the power to change the lives of homeless pets in our community!

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    Sign Up with Doggie Doo Not!


    We know how it is. You've got a dog. You LOVE your dog but you don't love having to pooper-scooper your yard. Maybe it's not so bad in the summer. But how about when it's raining? Or even worse, when both you and the poop are frozen!

    Somebody has to clean it up but it doesn't have to be YOU!

    Left to accumulate, dog waste will....

  • Ruin the appearance of your property
  • Attract disease carrying pests
  • Offend the neighbors
  • Endanger the health of your pets and family (who wants to play in a yard with dog poo?)
  • Potentially contaminate the group water supply

    What's a dog lover to do? Doggie Doo Not has the answer!

    Doggie Doo Not can keep your yard clean, neat and safe. You set the schedule that best fits your needs: weekly, twice a week, monthly, or even just clean up before a special event. They scoop and haul away what your dog leaves behind. Even your garbage man will love you - no more stinky garbage cans!

    Download & print their flyer and if you are a first time or returning customer, you can receive 1 free visit. And if you sign up for their service, tell them "PAWS Sent Me" and PAWS will receive a $100 donation!

    Doggie Doo Not is located in Stamford, CT and serves Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY. Their number is (203) 323-2284. To check out their website go to: Doggie Doo Not!


    While we are not allowed to have volunteers under the age of 18 work directly with our animals there are still many things junior volunteers can do to help pets in need.

    • You can organize a collection of items from our wish list, hold a can & bottle drive and the money earned from redeeming the cans could be donated to PAWS, or you could host a bake sale and donate the proceeds to PAWS.
    • You can also help us advertise our pets by hanging up flyers and helping us put our newsletters in public places like the library.
    • Your troop can help sew toys or beds. Or perhaps you can make us some of the traps we use to catch feral (wild) cats.

    If you are part of a scout, school or church organization and would like to help homeless pets in your community, please call PAWS at (203) 750-9572.

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    PAWS is only able to extend our hands to so many pets in need because of the tireless effort and dedication of our volunteers. There is always SO much to be done - whether it is snuggling a shy kitten, walking a dog, fundraising or doing those dirty jobs like laundry & cleaning kennels. It all has to get done and it has to get done every day without fail.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to insurance restrictions, PAWS currently cannot have volunteers under 18 years of age work directly with our animals. However, there are lots of other ways that you can still help - everything from collecting food donations, to hanging flyers to holding a bake sale.

    The first step in becoming a volunteer is to come to the shelter for an orientation (address below). Here you will learn about our volunteer programs and the commitments involved in each area. Orientations include: an overview of the history, mission and organizational structure of PAWS, a tour of the facility and details on program descriptions and purposes.

    Orientations are held by appointment only. If you would like to schedule an orientation, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Lisa DiDonato at (203) 750-9572 x 120 or via email at lisad@pawsct.org. Upon acceptance, training dates will be assigned with the appropriate program coordinator. Most volunteer positions require a minimum commitment of 8 hours per month.

    Calling all cat lovers - what better way to help than adopt cats out to their forever homes! Volunteer to be a cat adoption counselor - PAWS will train you and work out a schedule that fits your needs. We need caring volunteers that really want to make a difference. If interested, our volunteer coordinator, Lisa DiDonato, lisad@pawsct.org will meet with you.

    If you would like more information on becoming a PAWS volunteer or directions to the shelter for an orientation, please use our contact form to send a a message to our volunteer coordinator, Lisa DiDonato.

    You may also download and complete our Volunteer Application Form and email it to Lisa DiDonato at lisad@pawsct.org. Once she receives your application, she will contact you to schedule a meeting and orientation.

    The volunteers of PAWS are a vital and intergal part of our ability to help pets in need. Without your help, we can't help them! Thank you!

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    PAWS accepts donations through Network For Good, with several funds that you can support:

    GENERAL OPERATING FUND: Donations made to this fund are used for a variety of operating expense including (but not limited to): Purchasing food, Providing medical care such as vaccines, routine medical care (such as vet exams) and medications, and operating costs such as electricity, water and heat.

    THE COSMO FUND: This is a dedicated fund to help us provide medical care "above and beyond" the normal or routine medical care that most of our pets need. Donations from The Cosmo Fund are used to help seriously ill or injured pets. In many other shelters, pets with serious illnesses or injuries that are treatable are destroyed because the shelter does not have the financial resources available to help these pets.

    The Cosmo Fund was created in honor of a small kitten named "Cosmo" who came to PAWS. Cosmo was critically ill & he failed to grow. We learned that he suffered from a liver shunt that required corrective surgery. Without the surgery, he would basically starve to death. We raised the funds to provide the surgery and Cosmo grew up to become a wonderful cat who has used up 1 of his 9 lives but still has 8 more to enjoy. The Cosmo Fund was named in his honor and because of him, we are able to help other pets who, like Cosmo, needed some extra help in order to get a second chance at love.

    SPAY/NEUTER FUND: Donations to this fund help us to provide spay/neuter surgery to both the pets at PAWS and the pets of low income members of our community.

    Every year, over 6 million companion animals are destroyed because they didn't have a home. For every 1 person born in the USA, 7 kittens & puppies are born. There simply aren't enough homes to go around. Experience has shown us that we cannot adopt our way out of pet overpopulation. The only way to stop the needless killing of so many pets is the spaying/neutering of all companion animals.

    You can make your donation using Network for Good, a secure donation portal. Please Note: Minimum online donation amount is $10.00. Click the icon below:


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    Healthy Paws-Every Quote Gives Hope

    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation offers a comprehensive, affordable pet insurance plan for your dog or cat. Plus, when you protect your pet you'll also help a homeless pet have a happier and healthier tomorrow. Visit www.healthypawspetinsurance.com to get a free quote.

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    Zak's Wax - Car Detailing Service

    Zak's Wax Car Detailing Service
    You want your car to look it's best but you don't want to spend hours washing, waxing & detailing your car. Let Zak's Wax detail your car and he'll make a donation to PAWS!

    For just $100, Zak will come to your home or office (within 50 miles of Greenwich, CT) and make your car look like new! You get a full exterior wash/wax and complete interior detailing.

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    Have a vehicle or boat that you no longer want but the thought of placing a classified ad & having people call you all hours of the night is making you greeen around the gills! Maybe your husband bought that "collectible" car with every intention of fixing it up and well, that never quite happened. PAWS has the purr-fect solution - DONATE IT!

    Through "Donation Line" you can donate Cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, commercial vehicles, jet skis, snowmobiles, motor homes, buses, and even boats. It doesn't even have to run - BUT you must have clear title in your possession.

    You just contact Donation Line via the internet or by phone and they do all the work - they pick the car up and make arrangements for it's sale. Once the car is sold, PAWS receives the donation and you will receive a receipt for the amount that the car sold for at auction. What could be easier?

    If you have a vehicle you'd like to donate, please contact Donation Line
    via the Internet or by phone at (888) 448-3345.

    Your donation helps put PAWS pets on the road to a new home!

    Thank you!

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    We all hate going to the mall. OK. Some of us hate it. Others, well, they live for it! If you fall into that "hate it" category then you've come to the right place. Why leave your house? Why even get dressed? You can do all your shopping right here & you'll be helping PAWS at the same time.

    My personal favorite is iGive.com (link below) - it is an on-line mall and just about all your favorite mall stores can be found by the click of the mouse! Everything from The Gap, to Illuminations to JC Penney.

    Remember, a portion of all your purchases made at all of our affiliate partners on our site earns money for PAWS! The more you shop, the more you help PAWS! So, start shopping!

    Each time you shop at one of these sites, please be sure to enter the sites through the PAWS link or we will not be eligible to receive the donation.



    Amazon. The place to buy just about anything on the planet without having to leave the house! Amazon has now launched Amazon Smile where .5% of all eligible purchases are donated to the charity of your choice at no cost to you! Amazon Smile is the same Amazon you know - same products, same services and same services but now you can help PAWS at the same time!

    Eligible items are noted on each products page. Just start your shopping at Amazon Smile and when checking out be sure to select "PAWS" at the charity of your choice. It's that easy! Now you have an excuse to buy that big screen, HDTV you've been wanting!

    You already love their fun and funky clothing! Now you can shop at Big Dogs and with every purchase made through our Dedicated PAWS Link (or on the graphic above), Big Dogs will make a donation to PAWS!

    Shop at Big Dogs and not only will they give you 15% off your total, they will donate 15% of your order to PAWS and to sweeten the deal even more, spend $50 or more and receive free shipping! Now that's a deal that makes our tails wag!

    PAWS is proud to have Big Dogs as a supporter of PAWS! Not only are they very generously donating a portion of their sales to PAWS but they are a primary sponsor of our upcoming PAWS in the Park Fundraiser being held on Oct 6th, 2012 at Taylor Farm Park in Norwalk, CT. Big Dogs is donating all of the t-shirts for the registered walkers and volunteers but they are also sponsoring the "Walking Trail" and will have a booth at the event along with their sister company The Walking Company. Like them on Face Book and tell them PAWS sent you!


    If you've got pets, then you have pet stains! From carpet deep cleaners, to vacuums, to mops & brooms and pet tools, Bissell has all your cleaning needs covered! And when you purchase Bissell products you can help PAWS! Purchase items online and when you get to the "checkout" page input the word ADOPT into the promotion code box and you'll be given an opportunity to select PAWS as the shelter you wish to help.

    Cafe Press We've opened our own virtual store on Cafe Press! Check out all our great items at Cafe Press. We've got t-shirts, hoodies, clothing for babies & children and cool stuff for your pet! Help us spread the word about adoption or spay/neuter. Or go for a simple message like "Woof"! A portion of each item sold raises funds to help our great pets. Start shopping now for the holidays!


    The Classy Dog: The lap of luxury for the discerning dog. Fine hand-selected designer luxury dog accessories, bedding, collars, leashes, dog clothing, carriers, and bowls. All the products that are showcased were individually chosen for their quality and uniqueness. These products are the result of extensive research to find only the finest hand-selected dog accessories, apparel, travel goods, beds and grooming products from leading designers around the world. Many of our products are of limited distribution, are made-to-order and/or are one-of-a-kind. Spend $100 or more and a portion of your order will be donated to PAWS! Be sure to note "PAWS" in the comments section when placing your order.


    Cathy Paukner of Cupcakes for a Cause brought together her love of food with her love of animals to undertake a venture to help pets in need. Cathy is generously donating 20% of her sales to PAWS!

    Cathy is a professional food stylist and has created a variety of mouth-watering flavors to fulfill every cupcake desire! A whimsical alternative to traditional cakes, cupcakes are perfect for birthdays, showers and even weddings! Each cupcakes is adorned with a pawprint M&M candy to remind you that you are helping our great pets.

    Just a few of her great flavors include: Cup o' Joe: Espresso Cupcake with Mocha Buttercream and dabbed with sprinkling of chopped candied coffee beans dusted with cinnamon, Cuckoo for Coconut-Triple Coconut: Coconut Cupcake, Coconut Buttercream dabbed with a sprinkling of toasted coconut, Fit for a King: Red Velvet Cupcake with White Chocolate Buttercream, PB&J: Peanut Butter Cupcake filled with raspberry jam, Peanut Butter Frosting drizzled with raspberry jam and dabbed with sprinkling of chopped peanuts and Whatz Up Doc: Carrot Cake Cupcake with Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting decorated with marzipan carrot and dabbed with dusting of cinnamon. A list of all the available flavors can be found at Cupcakes for a Cause

    Donate to this organization through Drs. Foster and Smith
    Drs. Foster and Smith: Dog Supplies - Cat Supplies - Pet Blog



    If you've got a dog, then you have dog poop! Did you know that almost 4% of all trash in landfills is dog feces? Even if you use biodegradable bags to scoop, most landfills are airtight and the bags do not get exposed to sunlight to break them down. As a result, dog feces can stay in a bag for almost 1000 years! The EPA has stated that flushing pet waste is the best way to dispose of it! Flush Doggy comes to the rescue with their environmentally friendly poop bags that you can flush or toss! Either way they quickly dissolve. Purchase Flush Doggy bags through our link and PAWS will receive a donation equal to 20% of your purchase. And, Flush Doggy will donate another 10% to the ASPCA to help them fight puppy mills!

    The Fund for Dogs: This upstart company brings together shelters in need of help, with companies looking to help make a difference in the lives of homeless pets and donors who wish to help shelters. Make a donation of product from the participating companies and donate them to PAWS. In return you'll receive a credit (usually 30% of your donation) towards future purchases which you can either purchase items for your own pets or donate more to PAWS. If you donate $75 of more, you also receive your own free website on The Fund for Dogs. When selecting your donation amount there is a list of participating rescues. In order for PAWS to receive your donation, please type "Pet Animal Welfare Society - Norwalk, CT" in the box where it asks which rescue you would like to donate towards.

    Giveline.com is a revolutionary online store created for the community-minded shopper. Every transaction in our store generates a financial contribution to your favorite charity, school, religious organization, or any other cause you support. And with our unique supplier relationships and efficient new technology, this contribution is significant and truly makes a difference. Giveline contributes between 7 and 33 percent of product sales to the selected organization, with a store-wide average of nearly 16 percent per transaction. The amount to be donated to your cause varies by product; however, our "open book" policy includes displaying the exact amount on every product page as well as throughout the checkout process. NOTE: Another great thing about GiveLine.com is that you can purchase gift cards that the recipient can use at any store in the mall! They also have options where you can increase your donation to PAWS with a simple mouse click!

    GiveNik.com-Discount Theater Tickets!
    Givenik gives you great entertainment at great value while benefiting the causes you care about. We provide you access to special savings and added-value offers for a variety of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. For every ticket you purchase through GiveNik PAWS will receive 5% of the ticket price.

    Helping Udders
    Helping Udders is a great site with cool dog stuff not found anywhere else! As an added bonus 10% to 50% of every purchase is donated to animal rescue! When checking out, please be sure to select "PAWS Pet Animal Welfare Society (Regions: CT) (All Breed)" as your chosen charity!


    PAWS is proud to have become a partner with Hendrick Boards, a leading designer of eco-friendly, handcrafted maple and bamboo skateboard decks and distinctive apparel-for anyone who likes to stand out and make a statement. Based in Orange County, California, Hendrick Boards seeks to showcase and build the culture and lifestyle that skateboarding inspires, while ensuring the protection of the environment and helping to safeguard the welfare of pets and animals through each and every purchase.

    Every purchase you make through our dedicated link earns PAWS a donation from $3 to $10! Every two weeks a limited edition t-shirt design is created and sold. PAWS will receive $10 of each shirt sold through our link!

    infinity photos</A></DIV>
<P><A HREF=Infinity Photography
    PAWS Volunteer Roxy Waters is on track to be the next great American photographer! She has a selection of photo prints available for sale and is donating a portion of each sale to PAWS. Support a local artist and homeless pets at the same time!


    iGive.com is a virtual mall! It has everything the mall has without the screaming kids! iGive has over 900 stores that donate anywhere from .5 to 15% of your purchase to PAWS. Plus, if you are a new member to iGive, your first purchase nets us an extra $10! A small sampling of the stores include: PetCo, etoys, J.Crew, Gardenstore, American Greetings, drugstore.com, Magazine.com, Auto Accessory, The Baby Center, Cooking.com, Pottery Barn, Fragrance.com, Bed, Bath & Beyond, JC Penney, Macy's & LandsEnd. It's all automatic! You don't need to enter any codes, notify the store, or iGive. When iGive members shop via our special links (starting at the iGive.com web site, the iGive Newsletter, or having installed the iGive Button), tracking enables us to identify the purchases of each individual iGive member with a member ID number. Causes always receive 100% of the donation amount which is advertised on our web site.

    Donate a Kuranda Pet Bed

    Donate a

    BED DONATION PROGRAM: Our dogs love to sleep on Kuranda Dog beds and our cats enjoy their towers! These high quality, durable beds and towers are built to withstand the punishment that pets often subject them to. Unfortunately, we don't have enough for everyone. Please check out our Kuranda bed & tower wish list where you can purchase one at a special discounted price and Kuranda will ship it directly to us!

    KURANDA CASH DONATIONS: You can also purchase Kuranda Beds for your own pets & if you click on the graphic below, when you purchase a bed, Kuranda will make a donation equal to 10% of your purchase to PAWS! Kuranda Dog Beds - Rethinking dog beds
    Kuranda Dog Beds

    PC Specialists Eco-Friendly Ink & Toner Program Benefits PAWS!
    The Go Green and Make a Difference in the World! Purchase your ink and toner cartridges at a discounted price from PC Specialists. With every cartridge purchased, input the code "PAWS" and 15% of the proceeds will be donated to PAWS and is a "win-win" for us, you and our planet.

    PetGive.com On-line Shopping Mall
    Now you too can make a difference and help fund PAWS, simply by shopping online through PetGive.com. It's free to register and a donation is made on your behalf after your purchase. PetGive has teamed up with thousands of retailers - something for everyone! With each online purchase through PetGive.com, a portion of your sales total will be donated to PAWS. Not only will your shopping be helping animals in need, but you will also have access to special savings and offers with leading retailers not available anywhere else! NOTE: You must select "PAWS Connecticut" as your chosen charity in order for us to receive your donation. Register now at PetGive.com and help us to help them!

    Petsapalooza 'Fur-Ever Home - the Animal Rescue Game'
    Full new board game with an animal rescue theme helps people learn about shelters but also helps shelters with each purchase! Purchase a copy of 'Fur-Ever Home-the Animal Rescue Game' and Petsapalooza will donate $5 to the charity of your choice. To buy a copy go to Petsapalooza and at checkout, select CT as the state and PAWS of CT and we will receive $5!

    LT - 090909 - 460x80 Logo

    From a huge variety of food, toys, training classes, boarding and more, PetSmart has everything you need to keep your furry (or finned or feathered) friend happy and healthy! When you shop online at PetSmart, PAWS receives a donation equal to 8% of your total purchase!

    Rescue Chocolate: The Sweetest Way to Save a Life!
    This incredible chocolate company is working to save the lives of shelter pets one delicious chocolate bar at a time! You can help PAWS pets and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same. For every bar of chocolate you purchase from Rescue Chocolate:, they will donate $1 to PAWS. PLEASE NOTE: In order for PAWS to receive our donation you must type "PAWS of Norwalk, Connecticut" into the "gift note" box at checkout. Rescue Chocolate's products are always 100% vegan, kosher and locally handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY. Check out their great flavors which bring awareness to some of the most important issues in animal rescue - there's "Peanut Butter Pit Bull" and "Pick Me! Pepper" just to name a few!


    Scratch Lounge: The World's Best Cat Scratcher!
    Why did Pet Product News select the Scratch Lounge as Editorís Choice for Best New Product of 2006? Because the Scratch Lounge revolutionizes cat-scratch technology, introducing the first 3-sided scratcher. This one-of-a-kind design allows cats to satisfy their instinctual need to nest. The Scratch Lounge will last far longer than other scratchers because of the reversible super-dense honeycomb construction of the pads. The design is so unique, it was issued a U.S. utility patent! SCRATCH LOUNGE even prevents cats from damaging furniture! They enjoy the Scratch Lounge one hundred times longer than any conventional one-sided scratcher. That's more time on a Scratch Lounge and less time on your couch! Purchase a Scratch Lounge using the links here and they will donate $5.00 to PAWS! Orders are received in less than a week!

    Here's video of Madeleine, one of the PAWS cats at PAWS enjoying a Scratch Lounge that was donated to us by the owners of Scratch Lounge!

    Sloppy Kiss Cards
    Sloppy Kiss Cards is an animated ecard greeting service for pet lovers. Each ecard tells a story. You choose & name the dog, cat, horse, bird, fish or other pet that stars in your ecard.

    Donate a Thundershirt! Did you know that most dogs that suffer from anxiety, fearfulness, being overexcited or are frightened by loud sounds such as thunder or fireworks can be helped by wearing a Thundershirt? The gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs. Based on surveys completed by over two thousand customers, over 80% of dogs show significant improvement in symptoms when usingThundershirt. These shirts are already helping tens of thousands of dogs around the world, and is recommended by thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers. You can help a PAWS dog in need by purchasing a Thundershirt at a special, deeply discounted price and having it shipped directly to PAWS!

    Wag.come carries thousands of pet products-from food, treats and toys to collars, habitats and grooming essentials-across all the brands you already love, and lots of new brands to discover. Did we mention that we make it simple too? With easy navigation and our myLists feature, you can find and reorder your favorites in a snap. And here's the best part: we deliver everything to your door in as little as a day-with free shipping on any order of $49 or more. And unlike some of our competitors, all our products qualify for free shipping. No exclusions. Start your shopping here and PAWS will receive a donation equal to 3% of your order!

    This is a great site where you can create your own products & designs! Want your cat on a t-shirt? Your dog on a tote bag? Your entire family on postage stamps? The possibilities are endless and if you click on their logo above, PAWS will receive a minimum of a 15% donation from your order at no additional cost to you! You can either design your own item or you can shop our store of products we've already created!

    Thanks for shopping on-line with the PAWS affiliates!

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    Fresh Step and Purina Redemption Programs

    There are several label redemption programs that PAWS participates in. They include dry cat food, litter and believe it or not - BeechNut Baby Food.


    PAWS is collecting the weight circles off an any Purina Brand cat or dog food product. Each weight circle we collect is worth a certain number of points. We can then redeem the circles for free food.


    PAWS is collecting the "PAW Points" off the bags & boxes of cat litter so we can redeem them for free litter. Please be sure the complete serial number/bar code appears on the back of the portion you are sending in. Without it we can't collect our points!

    We have been participating in various programs like these for about 8 years now and the savings we realize on our overall food budget is a huge help! Every bit of money we save on food or litter frees up more monetary resources for other items such as medical expenses, training and the hundred and one other supplies we need!

    A free bag of food here, a couple of free cans here and a bed to sleep in can make all the difference in the life of a homeless pet! Thank you for your help in collecting these symbols & bar codes!

    Please send points, circles or proofs of purchase to:
    Attn: Alexis
    504 Main Ave
    Norwalk, CT 06851

    Many, many thanks from all the pets at PAWS!

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    Do you have a retired, deactivated cell phone you no longer need taking up space? Donate it to PAWS and help us raise much needed funds!

    PAWS is accepting donations of any deactivated cell with or without their chargers and accessories.

    For every cell phone that we turn in to the company collecting them, we receive a donation anywhere from $1 to $10. Of course, the newer the cell phone & the better the condition, the larger the donation.

    The cell phones are in turn refurbished and sold or donated to those in need. Obsolete or damaged phones are safely and responsibly recycled in strict accordance with environmental guidelines.

    This is one of those rare instances that EVEYONE wins - you get rid of your retired cell phone, PAWS gets donations, your phone has a new lease on life to help others and the environment gets a break from all those retired phones & batteries being dumped in landfills. What could be better????

    With the influx of cell phones being traded in, recycling the phones through our program is needed even more.

    If you have a cell phone(s) to donate, please drop them off at:
    504 Main Ave
    Norwalk, CT 06851

    Phones may be dropped off Mondays thru Saturdays. There is a collection bin in our "atrium" area. Tax deduction receipts are available for your donation.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE- no car phones, cordless phones, traditional home phone, pagers, beepers, walkie-talkies, two-way radios or other commercial radios. None of these are eligible for the program.

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    Donate Old Ink Jet Cartridges, Laptops/Notebooks, Digital Cameras and iPods

    Turn trash into cash! PAWS is proud to partner with companies that accept various electronics and printer cartridges! In return, for every item we send to them, they send us the green stuff and we don't mean catnip!

    Have a pile of empty ink jet cartridges sitting in a bag waiting to go to Staples to be returned? Did you receive a swank new iPod and nobody wants your old one? Bring those empty cartridges and castoff electronics to PAWS and help us raise much-needed cash to support the pets in our care.


  • Empty Ink Jet Cartridges: We can accept ink jet cartridges that fits in the palm of your hand. Large toner cartridges are no longer accepted. Damaged cartridges or ones that have been previously refilled/remanufactured are also NOT eligible.
  • Laptop/Notebook Computers: Working and non-working laptops/notebooks are accepted. NOTE: We CANNOT accept desktop computers, towers or monitors! All laptop computers will have their hard drives immediately removed and destroyed. You may remove and keep your own hard drive. Please keep the hard drive holder intact, i.e. 'caddy' / enclosure.
  • iPods: Working or non-working iPods are accepted!
  • Digital Cameras: Working or non-working digital cameras are accepted!

    If you have a cartridges or electronics to donate, please drop them off at:
    504 Main Ave
    Norwalk, CT 06851

    Items may be dropped off Mondays thru Sundays. There are collection bins in our "atrium" area. Tax deduction receipts are available for your donation.

    Another instance of a win-win for everyone! The environment wins because these things don't end up in the landfill, the pets of PAWS win because you are helping us to help them and YOU get a warm feeling inside knowing you made a difference in this world!

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    If you are unable to adopt a pet, please consider becoming a PAWS Pet Sponsor. Your one-time donation of $25 per cat or $50 per dog will help defray the costs of food, housing and medical care for the animals waiting for adoption.

    In return for your donation, you will get:

    • A picture of the pet you are sponsoring
    • Their history of how they arrived at PAWS
    • Notification when your pet has been adopted
    • Best of all: A great feeling inside!

    You can make a donation to sponsor a pet via Network For Good:


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